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The National Association of Broken and Scorned Women praised
Lisa DeFelice for her contribution as a "chick lit" writer with her
new book "Stupid Girl - Love Is A Many Splendored Sting" and
selected her to receive the organizations highest award, the
"Sandra Bullock Broadsided by Betrayal Award."  

As a graduate of Forlorn University with doctorate in Male
Behavioral Studies, Ms. DeFelice's accomplishments as a writer
and international advocate for emotionally wounded women of all
ages, have made her an admired household name.

-Heartbreak Weekly

"To a hopeless
romantic, nothing is as
offensive as the
existence of reality."

Lisa DeFelice
Lisa's article
"The EX-Factor"

Welcome to the Official Website of

"More Than a
Bedtime Story"
by Lisa DeFelice

"I'm not looking for
Prince Charming,
I'm looking for
Prince Honesty"

Lisa DeFelice

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Writer's Group Information

If you are interested in joining a writer's group to be
held at the Barnes & Noble in Peabody, MA,
please contact me via

"I am an exceptional
woman... complex,
but interesting,
cautious, but wise,
scarred, but beautiful,
full of regrets, but
open to the prospect
of loving again."

Lisa DeFelice